Darent History Takeaway

The Trust is creating an outreach programme for local school and libraries providing resources and speakers to support improved understanding of the heritage of the Darent Valley. Sections of the Otford Heritage Collection will be curated as stand-alone collections and made available on loan to schools and libraries in the Darent Valley and the neighbouring areas, with particular attention to the London Boroughs that would derive the most benefit for these resources. The materials on the Otford Palace website (particularly the forthcoming museum catalogue) will be a key part of this resource. They will be supported by printed materials and speakers drawn from the Trust’s volunteers.

If your schools wants to join the Darent History Takeaway scheme, please contact the Trust secretary secretary@otfordpalace.org

We have a number of resources – images and videos – that will tell you more about the Palace

A short video produced by Barbara Derby and narrated by Rod Shelton shows the Palace as it was in Tudor Times

A walk around Otford Palace which is divided into six short videos.  

Part I: Introduction    

Part II: The approach   

Part III: Palace Field  

Part IV: The North-West Tower   

Part V: The Moated Manor   

Part VI: Recent History

A set of drone images taken in August 2018 show the buildings of the North Range as they are today.

A video sequence of the Palace from the air

3D model of the interior of the North-West Tower   (This model can be manipulated using your mouse.  Remember that you are looking at the interior of the Tower!)

And a series of short videos telling stories about the Palace and the objects in the Heritage Collection:

The Story of Becket’s Well

The Story of the Papal Bulls

A Young person’s reminiscence is an imaginary account of William Carter and how he became Head Groom at the Palace of Otford in 1520.

Make your own model of the Palace. A model of the North Range to cut out and assemble