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Darent: the history and stories of a river and its communities


Lavishly illustrated with over a thousand photographs, drawings and reproductions, Darent is a unique compendium of information. There are thirteen ancient villages and three market towns located along the River Darent. Each has its own, often surprising, history brought to life through the tales of the people who lived there. The Darent was once heralded as the greatest trout river in southern England. At one time its water powered 30 water mills. Yes, in recent time it almost ceased flowing entirely.

The book is packed with information and revelations about the area: from the earliest history of the region to the role is played during the industrial revolution. Beautiful wildlife photography showcases the many aspects of natural history which inhabit the secret world beside the river. Darent provides a unique source of information and reference about this little-known area so close to the nation’s capital.

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Author: Rod Shelton

Size: 260x190mm 287 Pages

Publisher: Stanhope Publishing

Date: 2015

ISBN: 878-0-95039-639-2