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Treble bell clapper

Treble bell clapper from St Bartholomew’s Church Otford

: 7.4 kg

This treble bell clapper from St Bartholomew’s Church, dates from the 17th Century.  In 1622, Thomas Bartlett cast and hung a treble bell. John and Christopher Hodson added a tenor in 1674.   The Whitechapel Foundry refurbished the two bells (with new clappers) and cast a further four to form six, in 2000.  Later that year on 26 November the Rt Rev’d Brian Smith Bishop of Tonbridge dedicated the bells.  The refurbishment and installation of the new bells was documented by Barbara Darby in her video The Bells of St Bartholomew’s

This diagram shows a typical church bell with the clapper hanging inside it.

Conservation note: As might be expected in an iron object that is 400 years old, the clapper was very pitted and rusty when it came into the Collection.  We have followed the advice given in “Conservation and restoration of iron and steel objects” (see  It was cleaned using aluminium oxide blasting and then protected with a coat of Paraloid B-72.

Our thanks for to Custom Wytelyne in Chatham for cleaning the clapper, free of charge.


Item Features

Object Number P-220722-02
Number of objects 1
Width 110 mm
Height 85 mm
Length / Depth 608 mm
Year of Manufacture or Origin 1622 AD