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Excavations in West Kent 1960-1970

The discovery and excavation of 30 prehistoric, Roman, Anglo-Saxon and medieval sites, mainly in the Bromley area and in the Darent Valley.

Author: Brian Philp  242pp

This Report deals with most of the excavations by the West Kent Border Archaeological Group from 1960 until 1970. It covers work on 30 sites, 26 of which were actually discovered by the Group, the majority in West Kent and just three across the border in East Surrey. Although this work has substantially increased the number of known sites in the area and radically modified local settlement-patterns no attempt is made here to comment on the wider implications as this forms part of another study. The work does, however, demonstrate the potential of similar areas in South-East England.

Item Features

Object Number H-230823-01
Number of objects 1
Place of Discovery Dover
Date of discovery 1973
Significance to the collection Medium
Width 210 mm
Length / Depth 280 mm
Completeness Complete
Maker Philp
Second Maker Kent Archaeological Rescue Unit
Place of Manufacture Dover
Date Acquired 22/08/2023
Significance to the Collection Medium
Condition of Holding Good
Object Owner APCT
Condition of the Acquisition none