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Folder 11 Census analysis: notes by RDC and HWS

Analysis of 19th C census

Handwritten notes and analysis by RD Clarke and H W Stevenson.  Collection covering:

  • Average number of inhabitants per house
  • From 1851, 10-19 age group details
  • From 1851 Marriage partners’ places of birth
  • From 1851 Birth places
  • From 1851, analysis of population by age
  • Summary of Otford families and occupations
  • 1851 Birthplaces of Otford residents
  • 19th C occupations of residents
  • Some graphical analysis
  • 1851 onwards, Otford farms and analysis
  • 1851 onwards, Farmers and and lime burners

Item Features

Object Number H-230502-02
Number of objects 1 file with 11 documents
Significance to the collection High
Maker Clarke and Stevenson
Place of Manufacture Otford
Year of Manufacture or Origin ~1980 AD
Significance to the Collection High
Condition of Holding Good
Object Owner ODHS