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Folder 11 Otford in 19th Century

One file containing 8 documents

Hymn sheet 1897, sixtieth year of Queen Victoria

Collection of correspondence, typed and handwritten, dated 1968, about an antique 19th C agricultural knife, known as ‘Pol Lord Knife.’   Includes sketch of the knife. 12 sheets

Three handwritten sheets regarding Cholera 1854 Sevenoaks.

One sheet by Anthony Stoyel, 1972 referrring to grinding of corn in the Otford watermill

Accounts of the original Sevenoaks Union 1836 (5 pages)

Handwritten notes regarding sewerage with typed comments.

Typed draft of an article on Otford water supply 1885 (2 pages)

Handwritten extracts from 19th C press cuttings  regarding Vestry meeting reports (4 pages)

Item Features

Object Number H-230411-02
Number of objects One file with 8 documents
Alternative marking File 11 Otford 19th Century
Significance to the collection High
Maker ODHS
Place of Manufacture Otford
Significance to the Collection High
Condition of Holding Fair
Object Owner ODHS
Current Location ODHS