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Folder 27 Otford Polhills and some related lines (Polhill family)

Paper presented to ODHS in 1952 on the occasion of Polhill Hatchments

Photograph of Dr Polhill with associated written information

Handwritten Polhill family tree

2 handwritten documents, Polhill pedigree

2 sheets, Otford families and related lines

Single handwritten letter about Polhill monuments

Typewritten letters from Edward Polhill (1789-1859) on Grand Tour 1816-1817

Handwritten Polhill family tree 12-77-1957 (620mm x 680mm)

Item Features

Object Number H-230516-02
Number of objects 1 file containing 7 objects
Significance to the collection High
Maker RD Clarke ?
Place of Manufacture Otford
Year of Manufacture or Origin C 1950 AD
Significance to the Collection High
Condition of Holding Fair
Object Owner ODHS