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Folder 31 Methodism in Otford

Various articles and pamphlets

The beginnings and growth of Methodism in Otford FL Clark

Silver Jubilee Celebrations programme 12 November 1960

Envelope headed Methodist Statisticss 19th C 20th C

Personal tribute to Frank and Margaret Newman – news of his death

Photograph and history of the Old Chapel by Frank Clark 1933-34

Methodist Church (blotter) circuit

Collection of 1970s orders of service

Jubilee celebrations 1985

John Wesley in Shoreham (Journal) 1740s

Handwritten notes on Methodism

Orders of service – various documents

Songs of Praise poster In Touch magazine 31st December 1971, (New minister

Orders of service 1970s


Item Features

Object Number H-230516-03
Number of objects 1 file 13 objects
Significance to the collection Medium
Place of Manufacture Otford
Significance to the Collection Medium
Condition of Holding Good
Object Owner ODHS