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Folder 60 ODHS Place names correspondence

Photocopy, Otford ephemera file from Gordon Ward Library November 2002

Hanwritten page, anonymous. Question: Was Otford here before Julius Ceasar?

1 handwritten page Place names of Kent by Judith Gloves, 1976

Newspaper cutting from Sevenoaks Chronicle, 15 September 1950 on the origin of Holmesdale

2 types sheets extract from letter from Prof Skeat 10 August 1909 concerning origin of name of Otford

16 sheets photocopy of handwritten record of field names in Otford Parish

Half sheet printed.  Kent Parish register – Marriages of Otford residents

2 pages information on derivation of local name ‘Twittons’

4 handwritten sheets and cuttings.  Otford general place names and derivations

3 bundles of handwritten letters about local place names

Item Features

Object Number H-230523-05
Number of objects ! file containing 12 items
Significance to the collection High
Place of Manufacture Otford
Significance to the Collection High
Condition of Holding Fair
Object Owner ODHS