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Folder 64 The River Darent

Mixed bundle of types and newspaper articles of miscellaneous matters.  (Not much in the folder is actually about the River Darent)

Petitions to Parliament.

Hand-written booklet and newspaper cuttings.

1971 Letter to Rev K Prior concerning a stone bowl found in garden

Certificate from Mary Rose Trust

Pamphlet of coronation and the Bishop of Rochester

Hand-written letter re death of John Waterer, April 1977 and pamphlets

Hand-written letter, July 1963

The snail at the top of Rowdow

Classroom notes (printed)

Article The River Darent lives again, The Field, March 1958 and associated articles


Item Features

Object Number H-230523-03
Number of objects ! file containing 9 items
Significance to the collection Medium
Place of Manufacture Otford
Significance to the Collection Medium
Condition of Holding Good
Object Owner ODHS