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Folder 72 Dr John Hunt

Biography and comments on John Hunt, Vicar of Otford

Pamphlet Should Museums be opened on Sunday by Dr John Hunt DD

Pamphlet Anglican-Methodist reunion: a nineteenth century proposal in Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society June 1975

Seven loose sheets with comments on John Hunt, including comments by RDC (Dennis Clarke) FLC (Frank Clark) and ADS (Anthony Stoyl)

Typed biography John Hun, the poor man’s friend by Harold W Hart. 6.10.58.  (2 copies broadly similar but one marked price 3d)

Newspaper cutting from Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser, Friday April 19 1907 Death of the Vicar of Otford – Dr Hunt’s sudden demise


Item Features

Object Number H-230404-01
Number of objects ! file containing 6 items
Alternative marking File 72 Dr John Hunt
Place of Discovery ODHS
Significance to the collection High
Width 210 mm
Height 330 mm
Year of Manufacture or Origin 19th-20th C AD
Significance to the Collection High
Condition of Holding Fair
Object Owner ODHS