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Folder 91 Records of other Otford Societies

1 file containing 9 items

Small pamphlet The Folk-Lore Society  formed in 1878

Small sheet, Beckenham Branch lectures 1959-60

3 types sheets Organisations concerned with historical manuscripts

Leaflet, The Georgian Group no 1

Leaflet British Records Association 1955

4 types sheets Historical Mns Commission, National Register of Archives

2 types sheets Sixth Conference for volunteers of National Register of Archives 22nd March 1956

Leaflet, printed bulletin of National Register of Archives

2 printed sheets National Register of Archives local and private records

Item Features

Object Number H-230523-02
Number of objects 1 file - 9 items
Significance to the collection Low
Place of Manufacture Otford
Year of Manufacture or Origin 1960s AD
Significance to the Collection Low
Condition of Holding Good
Object Owner ODHS