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Otford County Primary School maypole dance 1951

Otford County Primary School maypole dance for Festival of Britain Year 1951

The photograph was taken at Castle House for Otford St Bartholomew’s Fair 9th July 1951.  The dance was repeated on the Recreation Ground for Parents’ Day on 27th July 1951.

The photograph is annotated with the names of the dancers:  M Gillingham, J Killy, H Staples, J Pullen, C Holloway, S Marmont, M Woodfine, J Goodge, S Woolley, B Norris, R Piper, M Hope, M Packman, A Holloway, P Hook, D Baker, and B Edmundson.  Instruction by Mrs Stanley Brown.

Item Features

Object Number H-221117-04
Number of objects 1
Alternative marking "Kent Messenger" photograph
Place of Discovery Castle House, Otford
Date of discovery 09/07/1951
Significance to the collection High
Width 250 mm
Height 200 mm
Maker "Kent Messenger" photograph
Year of Manufacture or Origin 1951 AD
Significance to the Collection High