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Photograph View from the Church Tower Otford

View looking East from the top of the Church Tower.
The garden and orchard of Colets Well with Otford Station and Warren Farm beyond. In the background ae the Coombe and Otford Mount. On the right, Station Oast stands in from of the Chalk Pit with Richard Russell’s hunting tower (vandalised in the 1960s) in the hedgeline above it.
(Note that image contrast has been enhanced)

Item Features

Object Number T-270421-03
Number of objects 1
Alternative marking None
Marks 2774 on front. On reverse: From Ed Thompson collection C1912 OT 070 852/OT/CHK
Width 244 mm
Height 157 mm
Completeness Complete
Year of Manufacture or Origin 1913 AD
Condition of Holding Owned