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Printers Block of Otford Palace Tower


A printer’s block showing Otford Palace Tower from the South-West.

The Trust has been given a printer’s block of an etching of the Palace Tower seen from the south west. The block was found by Assistant Parish Clerk Sue Stephenson whilst clearing out some old boxes.  The block is undated but it is believed to be an ‘electro block’ probably made in the 1960s.  The date of the drawing from which it was made may be older because the depiction of the state of repair of the walls is from about 1900 CE.


Item Features

Object Number P-240525-01
Number of objects 1
Place of Discovery Otford, Parish Office, 21 High Street, Otford
Date of discovery 21/05/24
Who Found it Sue Stephenson, Assistant Clerk
Significance to the collection High
Width 115 mm
Height 23 mm
Length / Depth 114 mm
Completeness Complete
Maker Unknown
Year of Manufacture or Origin c1960 AD
Date Acquired 21/05/24
Significance to the Collection High
Storage and Display Requirements None
Condition of Holding Good
Object Owner APCT
Current Location APCT (currently held in Chantry Cottage)