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Eel catcher

This object is provisionally identified as a reed cutter.

: 1.2 kg

The implement, which has been provisionally identified by Russell Palmer as an eel catcher, has a number of sharpened serrated blades attached to a conical tube that was probably used for attaching a handle.  Some of the blades are missing.  The date of the find or donation is unknown.  The object came to light when clearing the shed at the back of the Otford Heritage Centre.

A better example exists from Nether Compton:

Item Features

Object Number P-200722-01
Number of objects 1
Place of Discovery Otford
Width 35 mm
Height 35 mm
Length / Depth 290 mm
Completeness Incomplete
Date Acquired 20/07/2022
Object Owner APCT
Condition of the Acquisition Poor
Current Location Palace Gatehouse