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The Roman Villa at Horton Kirby

A description of the excavation of a Roman Villa at Horton Kirby, Kent  on May 1972.  Kent Special Subject Series 5

Authors: Brian Philp and Ralph Mills

This site (N.G.R. TQ. 559.686) lies within Westminster Sports-field about 500m south-west of the parish church at Horton Kirby, a small village south of Dartford in West Kent. The site occupies a low mound in the centre of the flood-plain of the Darent Valley, close to the west bank of the present River Darent. The subsoil is river gravel and alluvium and the elevation about 24m O.D. The site lies some 5km south of the Roman arterial road, later known as Watling Street and about 1.5km north-east of an important Roman building at Farningham.

Item Features

Object Number H-230824-01
Number of objects 1
Alternative marking ISBN 0 947831 09 6
Significance to the collection Low
Width 201 mm
Height 295 mm
Length / Depth 4 mm
Completeness Complete
Maker Kent Archaeological Unit
Place of Manufacture Dover
Date Acquired 22/08/2023
Significance to the Collection Low