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The Story of my Life, Michel Bett

An autobiography of Sir Michael Bett (1935 to present).

“As a lover of both history and of my family, I thought it would be well worthwhile writing down some words that illustrate aspects of my life to date that combine the two.”

Item Features

Object Number H-230817-01
Number of objects 1
Place of Discovery Otford
Date of discovery 01/08/2023
Significance to the collection Medium
Width 157 mm
Height 234 mm
Length / Depth 7 mm
Completeness Complete
Maker Michael Bett
Second Maker Silver Pines Press, Sevenoaks TN14 5AF
Place of Manufacture Sevenoaks
Year of Manufacture or Origin 2023 AD
Date Acquired 01/08/2023
Significance to the Collection Medium
Condition of Holding Donation by Michael Bett
Object Owner ODHS
Condition of the Acquisition Good